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Our Goal

Every child is a genius waiting to be discovered. This is our belief at MasterVibz Music School. We provide opportunities to discover and groom talents through guided musical exposures that inspire and nurture greatness. Adult learners also rediscover their lost love for music when they come around. Our goal is the beauty of character; our language is Music.

Our Values


Time is life, and life is time.
The quality of life depends on the quality of the sounds you listen to. Choose wisely.


Nothing refines character like a good music education; nothing destroys like a poor foundation.


Our coaching is as effective as our students' transformed minds, improved character, and appreciation of people and aesthetic beauty.

Our Offerings

Since 1988, we have been serving quality music to God and man in Churches, Schools, Families, and Individuals.
Our stage is always alit with passion and pastoral devotion that our time, talents and treasures can afford.
Our team is committed; our curriculum, tested and trusted.
Even as we continue to improve our methodologies with emerging technologies,
our services are always customised to your needs.


All-round development


String love never hurts


Find Your Voice


The Science of Sounds


The Art of Expression


Music Literacy

Our Team

Benedict Okoekhian

Ingenious maestro skilled at imparting transformational musical experiences.

Francis Okoekhian

Calm and calculated with a caring patience that endears young learner.

Ehinomen Orukpe

The smart multi-talented creative who never ceases to amaze.

Chimezie Ejezie

The visionary and dedicated organizer of people and events.

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